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5 November 2023



Outsource to Africa

Emerging Markets: Outsourced Software Development in Africa

When it comes to Africa, not many people think of outsourced software development. Usually, this industry is associated with Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and India. However, emerging markets always hold many promises, and Africa is not an exception. While being a ‘terra incognita’ of global technology development, Africa has many advantages to offer. The key point is to find the right moment to leverage the boundless potential of the African IT market. With its burgeoning tech ecosystem and a highly skilled workforce, several African countries prove to be very lucrative destinations for outsourced software development services. Keep reading to know which countries deserve your attention when it comes to software outsourcing in Africa. Here you will find information on the most promising destinations, their main advantages, and reasons to outsource to African countries. 


In ancient times, Egypt spearheaded the progress, and the country still got it. Local authorities have been actively promoting technology and innovation. They have been offering various incentives and implementing favorable policies to make the country an attractive destination for software development outsourcing. The country offers a large talent pool with over 281,000 IT professionals as per recent estimations. A great advantage of outsourcing software development to Egypt is its proximity to Europe and the Middle East. As a result, time zone convenience becomes one of the country’s key advantages in the context of software development. Egypt also has a thriving startup market, and there are many teams willing to rise through collaboration with America’s and Europe’s biggest companies. 

South Africa

South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most developed and mature tech markets in Africa. One of the main pillars of outsourced software development South Africa is the country’s well-established IT infrastructure. As one of the world’s most promising developing economies, South Africa invests solid amounts of money into growing tech hubs. One more great reason to find outsourced software developers in South Africa is that the country has a large English-speaking population. There are also no problems with cultural proximity. The country’s authorities are also favorable to foreign investors. And the IT market is not an exception. Besides, South Africa has numerous top-priority directions in terms of software development. This list includes fintech, e-commerce, and mobile app development.


As one of the most populated countries in the region, Nigeria offers an exceptional talent pool. The country has many young and tech-savvy specialists growing their skills in specialized universities or tech hubs. The country’s largest tech hub is the densely-populated city of Lagos. Many global companies, including Facebook, leverage this city’s vibrant tech ecosystem. The country’s tech community cherishes that culture of open-mindedness and collaboration. The Nigerian government also creates favorable conditions for tech startups and software development companies. It promotes many favorable policies and incentives to foreign IT investors. 



Keny is globally known as the “Silicon Savannah.” This pretentious name showcases the country’s orientation on technology development. The country’s primary tech hub is Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and the most rapidly developing city. Other notable benefits of Kenya as a software development outsourcing destination are high levels of English and a tech-oriented educational system. As a result, customers from Western Europe or the U.S. can easily find the right IT specialists in this African state. With the right approach and a clear understanding of their needs, foreign investors can easily outsource software developers in Africa


Ghana, situated in West Africa, has seen impressive growth in its tech industry over the past few years. The country is known for its strong focus on transparency. Also, local authorities are very collaborative when it comes to foreign investment. With the establishment of tech hubs like the Ghana Tech Lab and MEST Africa, the country has grown its IT talent pool significantly. Additional benefits include high levels of English and a strong centralization of the country’s technology companies. As for now, the city of Accra is Ghana’s main technology and investment hub. All these factors make Ghana a lucrative state to companies willing to outsource software developers in Africa. 


As one of the closest to the Europe African states, Morocco is a very promising destination for outsourcing. Foreign businesses willing to outsource software developers in Africa may be attracted by the country’s talent pool. According to the estimates from 2021, the country has more than 50,000 skilled software developers. A strong educational system, constant collaboration with European states, and cultural proximity make Morocco a hot property in the software development outsourcing market. Besides, the country is known for its high levels of collaboration. Its time zone proximity with Western European states would be another solid advantage. 

Reasons to Outsource to Africa

Outsourcing software development to Africa has many notable benefits. If you doubt whether you need to outsource IT services to Africa, consider the following benefits:

  • Cost-efficiency. African states are notable for their competitive pricing policies. Software development rates are much lower than in the U.S. or Europe.
  • Large talent pool. As has been already mentioned, African states offer many skilled professionals. Strong focus on technical education and a big number of tech hubs are decisive in this case. 
  • Governmental support. African authorities are very favorable to foreign investors. They do their best to create the most attractive conditions for companies interested in tech outsourcing to Africa. 
  • Time zone proximity. Most African states are located in the same time zone as many Western European countries. As a result, Western European customers find cooperation with African developers very convenient.


Africa is rapidly emerging as a thriving IT outsourcing hub. Whether you want to outsource software developers in South Africa or are interested in Ghana’s tech hubs, this continent has a lot to offer. With thorough research and the right technology partner, you can easily succeed. Find your perfect African software development team with Nearshorefriends. We know everything about software development outsourcing and have an exceptional portfolio of successful projects. Contact us to start your outsourcing success story now. 


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