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WE FIND, ASSEMBLE & MANAGE YOUR it-development team


Nearshorefriends GmbH

IT services, closer than ever

Outsourcing your development needs does not need to be a complicated task, with the right nearshore outsourcing software company. At nearshorefriends we ensure that you have the very best resources, whether they be needed full time, part time,in house or remote.

Our Services

Services offering

Germany, Ukraine, Portugal, Tunisia

virtual team model (ongoing/bot)


Recruitment and relocation

Peak resources

NearShore consulting/agile coaching

Why Us?


With a wide array of services we are able
to offer our clients various models and methods
to achieve their ultimate goal.

Peak resources:

Need a talented engineer with short notice and and on a short term basis?
Then this model is the one for you.

Nearshore consulting:

Not sure what works best for you? Let us help you come up with the right path and a solution that will work for you and your company needs.

Recruitment & Relocation:

If you want to have talented engineers hired
in house, but don’t have the time or resources to accomplish that, allow us to find the right candidates for you. All you have to do is close the deal and bring them onboard.

Virtual team:

Let us build a team for you that will serve as an extension of your current team.


Sometimes you just don’t have the time to manage a project yourself. In our project model we will take care of the details and ensure that you have a finished product waiting for you. Our Project managers ensure that you understand what is happening, and our internal team ensures that the work gets done.


  • Adtech/ SMM
  • Telecom
  • Web development
  • Travel
  • Mobile app development
  • Insurtech
  • Gaming
  • Consulting
  • Mechanical engineering

languages spoken:

English (Engineers, Consultants, Management)
German (Management, Consultants)
French (Engineers, Consultants)
Portuguese (Engineers, Consultants)
Spanish (Engineers)
Ukrainian (Engineers, Consultants)
Russian (Engineers)


With capabilities to source around the globe we can offer a diverse skill set along with various language skills, across multiple time zones (look at the map below).


If you are going to work with a company that claims to be proficient in outsourcing developers, then you want a company that can offer every tech stack available. At nearshorefriends we make it a point to ensure that we can reach into all depths of our pool of talent and provide you with the remote team that will work for you.