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If discovering the right talent is increasingly challenging for your company, direct recruitment services can lend a helping hand.

Our services offerings

We offer a comprehensive suite of recruitment and relocation services that can benefit companies across all major industries. We bring together businesses and tech specialists so as to form fruitful alliances and create unique synergies. Our recruitment services are designed to identify and attract top-tier tech specialists who possess the skills, expertise, and cultural alignment necessary to thrive within your organization.

With us you can

Access vast talent pools

We empower companies to communicate with top technology specialists. Critically evaluating your expectations and business objectives, our specialists reach out to professionals who constitute a valuable asset for your growth.

Find ideal candidates

Nearshorefriends has connections within the international landscape of the technology industry. As a result, your company can get acquainted with experts from countries all over the world, which increases your chances of working with the perfect match for your needs.

Amplify onboarding processes

Our specialists provide assistance in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding your future experts. While you can allocate more resources to building your strategic competitiveness, we will proceed with other processes. Freeing up time for more urgent tasks is more accessible than ever.

Support relocation efforts

Our relocation services smooth out the entire process. We provide comprehensive guidance to help tech specialists and their families smoothly settle into a new location.

Benefits of recruitment and relocation with Nearshorefriends

Our company has continuously transformed its processes and practices to provide top-notch quality recruitment and relocation services to our clients. Since each organization has distinct goals, values, and requirements, we take a tailored approach and develop customized recruitment strategies.

Risk mitigation

The process of hiring and relocating tech specialists can come with inherent risks. Our expertise in the industry allows us to anticipate and address potential challenges proactively, reducing the overall risk exposure for our clients.


We prioritize your business continuity throughout the hiring and relocation process. With our recruitment services, we assure you that your operations will remain uninterrupted all along the way.


Direct recruitment services allow your business to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of technology. Our seasoned professionals keep a close eye on recent advancements and emerging methodologies so that you leverage the potential of these tools in-house.

Cultural alignment

Being true to the chosen values is our key success driver. We believe that cultural alignment serves as a baseline for effective collaboration with tech specialists. For this reason, we ensure that the team members we bring on board fit seamlessly into our client's organizational culture.

Why Nearshorefriends?

Global network of experts

Nearshorefriends operates in various countries around the globe. This scope gives us a wide-reaching presence and a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape. We engage with niche experts who possess specialized skills and knowledge. This extensive network enables us to fill crucial gaps in your development team.

Operational scalability

Recruitment services empower your organization to swiftly recalibrate your project according to specific requirements. In this way, scalability is within reach, whether you need to quickly scale up your team for a time-sensitive project or adjust resources to align with changing business needs.

Transparent communication

You and your company’s authorized representatives will be engaged into the process from the onset of our collaboration. This approach implies that your company has clear visibility into the progress of recruitment/relocation and decision-making processes. During our partnership, we will provide you with regular updates and status reports so that you keep up with the latest progress.

Compliance and regulatory expertise

Navigating the complex compliance and regulatory landscape is not an easy endeavor. Our experts are ready to share with you up-to-date information about industry standards and legal requirements that are vital for your company’s digital transformation.

How does it work?


Tell us what you need

Reach out to us, and we will come up with a portrait of a perfect candidate specifically for your goals, be it a software developer, project manager, data analyst, or any other tech professional.


Select candidates

In this stage, our team of specialists will leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to identify and present you with an extensive pool of highly skilled tech experts. We carefully match their qualifications, experience, and cultural fit to your project's requirements.


Get acquainted

Once you have selected potential candidates, we facilitate the introduction and evaluation process. We organize interviews and meetings to allow you to interact directly with the candidates and assess their technical abilities, communication skills, and compatibility with your team.


Ensure smooth relocation

If relocation is necessary, we take care of the logistics and practical aspects, including housing arrangements, cultural orientation, and administrative support.

Where do we find your specialists?


Europe has transformed into one of the central tech hubs over the years. Our network opens up opportunities to source specialists from countries like Ukraine, Portugal, Germany, or Bulgaria, which are known for their strong technical proficiency.

Central Asia

We prioritize your business continuity throughout the hiring and relocation process. With our recruitment services, we assure you that your operations will remain uninterrupted all along the way.

Latin America

Latin America is rife with opportunities for recruitment and relocation services owing to its established IT hubs and vibrant tech culture. Based on our previous experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the local market dynamics, including the specific skills, expertise, and cultural aspects crucial for successful collaboration in LATAM.


Africa has a broad tech community that spans dozens of countries. We operate in Tunisia and tap into the local tech scene, finding highly capable specialists with the experience to drive projects forward.

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