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Our versatility allows us to work with various companies and industries including but not limited to, Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech, Telecom and more. Our services are also suitable for Startups, Mid size and Enterprise level clients.

Nearshoring is interesting for all companies that earn their money with software or software services/ products. There are two main motivations: 1. to quickly access talented software developers, and/or 2. to reduce the direct and indirect cost of software development

The Nearshorefriends group operates its own development centers with offices in Portugal, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Tunisia. Additionally, we have a vast network of remote software developers spread across the globe.

We maintain rigorous hiring practices, training and development, quality control systems, effective communication and more to ensure that our clients are given the very best in quality.

Yes, unlike other companies we do ensure contractually that our clients if needed can buy-out and hire engineers directly as part of our model(s).

Depending on the engagement contracts can be annually based rolling contracts or fixed term contracts based on the timeline of the project. Notice/ termination periods vary from two weeks to three months depending on the model and region.

Our unique selling points (USPs) include a German/American management team with extensive international experience, offering insightful domestic and foreign perspectives. Additionally, we provide a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model where we can fully integrate with the client’s team and assist in establishing a foreign subsidiary. This combination of services is rare, setting us apart from providers like the ‘Big5’, who offer similar services but with different terms.

The nearshore readiness test is a list of questions that we work through together and then give you a “maturity level” that can be used to assess strengths and weaknesses.On this basis, success can be realized better and faster if appropriate measures are taken.


Depending on the location and model, between 48 hours( Peak) and approx. 6 weeks.

Each engineer is 100% dedicated working on one project, that being the project of the client. They are never placed on other projects unless one project is finished

NSF is fully compliant with all data and privacy regulations and is familiar with the regulations across various countries and industries.

NSF manages collaboration across different time zones by maintaining well-defined and strictly adhered to communication standards. This ensures constant connectivity among clients and teams regardless of their location
Ensuring rapid team productivity is a multifaceted challenge. It hinges on your organizational maturity and our capacity to swiftly locate skilled developers in suitable locations. We suggest undertaking a “nearshore readiness test” with our team to accurately predict the timeline for achieving full productivity. Additionally, we offer specialized consultants, known as “bridgeheads,” who are experts in facilitating this process.

Once a team is assembled, Nearshorefriends undertakes a variety of responsibilities to support on-site operations. These include providing office space for developers, procuring necessary hardware, organizing events, managing staff maintenance and development, and handling all back-office tasks, including accounting.


Build Phase: Typically lasts a few months to a year, depending on project specifics,and the size of the team needed.
Operate Phase: Typically last years for operational management.
Transfer Phase: Usually completed within a few months, focusing on handing over the team,Establishing an employee employer relationship, as well as finalizing legal handovers

The BOT model typically is exited in one of two ways. 1. A legal entity is created for the client and all legal structures/ paperwork is prepared for complete ownership of the entity by the client. 2. No legal entity is created, however all contracts of personnel are transferred so that the client may engage with each member of their team in an employer – employee relationship.

The BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model is ideal for companies aiming to establish a subsidiary abroad or gain full ownership of their nearshore team’s employee rights. Collaborating with NSF minimizes errors, saving time, effort, and money. This model is particularly effective for businesses planning to scale up with a team of at least 20 engineers and support staff.


Peak workers can become full time workers if needed, depending on availability and the desire of the client.

Peak resources can be Part time for 1-5 days per week, or Full time for a limited period of time throughout the year for smaller projects.


Our team employs a combination of methods to ensure that the candidate will fit. These include but are not limited to Detailed job descriptions, behavioral interviews, cultural fit assessment, reference checks, and more

We make a commitment to replace the candidate, in the unlikely event that there be issues with the engagement

After reviewing your job description, we’ll quickly provide pre-selected candidates within a few days. You’ll receive weekly updates every Friday on recruitment progress. You’ll then interview the top candidates for the final decision.


Nearshore development in many cases can save companies more than 30% on development in direct cost and even more when considering taxes, social contributions, time investment etc.

NSF contractually grants the client the exclusive ownership of IP rights including but not limited to copyrights, patents, trademarks, related to the work product resulting from services provided.


The time it takes is strongly dependent on the size of the project, the type of digital medium i.e. Website, App, or Platform as well as how complex the experience is. Furthermore, time is calculated based on custom animations, graphics or interactive prototypes.

After launching UI/UX solutions, we provide digital user testing with advanced tools like Maze, UseBerry, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Clarity to identify and address experience gaps. We conduct A/B tests to understand user interactions and content consumption. Our UX team analyzes this data, formulating new design concepts, which are then evaluated using the same tools. This iterative approach aims for pixel-perfect designs.

Our process, rooted in Design Thinking and the Double Diamond model, follows these key steps:
Client Brief & Requirements: We kick off with the client brief, gathering goals, requirements, and technical constraints.
Market Research: Extensive research into market dynamics, competition, and consumer needs.
Wireframe Concepts: Data-driven wireframe concepts are designed, presented to the client, and refined for structural clarity.
User Experience Design: Crafting the user experience with strategic interaction moments for website navigation and goal achievement.
Client Alignment: Another client meeting ensures alignment on the user experience.
UI Direction: We develop UI direction based on brand identity, user experience principles, and user requirements.
UI Confirmation: We propose multiple UI directions for client approval, implementing changes upon confirmation.
Development Preparation: Finalized designs are prepared for seamless development integration.


We have consulting expertise in nearly every industry that has a need to explore Nearshoring/ offshoring options. This includes but is not limited to,Technology and Software Development, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Financial services, Education, and Ecommerce.

Yes, for example, we have participated in an outsourcing compliance audit in the banking sector and won and implemented the associated BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) contract. Business Continuity Plan, internal IT security policies, the so-called TOMs (Technical-Organizational Measures), as well as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines are an essential part of our business. In German and English.”

It’s a joint effort: We sit down together and discuss your business objectives and the associated IT nearshoring strategy. Our management team takes on this strategically central task and coordinates regularly with yours.

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