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Where we operate

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Discover the strategic advantage of nearshorefriends’ IT nearshoring solutions across Ukraine, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Portugal, and beyond. These select destinations stand out not only for their vast IT resource diversity but also for their inherent timezone and cost flexibility. Ukraine’s bustling, resilient, tech hubs, Bulgaria’s rising digital prowess, Tunisia’s tech-forward landscape, and Portugal’s innovation-driven IT ecosystem merge to offer businesses like yours an unparalleled blend of talent, innovation, and scalability. Harness the power of geographical proximity, efficient collaboration, and cost-effectiveness as you explore our extensive reach across these prime nearshoring locations.


The Tech Powerhouse

Delve into Ukraine’s resilient tech hubs, where innovation meets expertise. With a robust IT sector, Ukraine offers a rich pool of technological talents that are well-versed in the latest trends and technologies. The timezone advantage ensures seamless collaboration, making it an attractive nearshoring destination for businesses seeking cutting-edge solutions without time lag. A rich history of tech forward, innovative engineers, makes Ukraine a prime location for building your nearshore development center.

Location Matters

Despite the Russian invasion, mobilization, and forced relocation of businesses and teams, Ukraine still holds the position of one of the most promising software development locations in Eastern Europe.

The nation can also boast an impressive talent pool of 285K certified programmers. In the coming years, the size of the Ukrainian tech community is likely to grow, as nearly 23K aspiring IT specialists are entering the workforce on an annual basis

Global companies also entrust Ukraine with their operations. A deep talent pool, government-backed incentives, and a good investment climate gave rise to a flourishing tech ecosystem.

Numerous Global rankings

Ukrainian developers are often featured on numerous rankings of the best software engineers by country. 


Skillvalue – Best programmers

Hackerrank – Best Programmers

Cyber Hackerrank- Cyber Security Expertise


5th (World)

11th ( World)

1st ( World)


Scientific Background

Rich Talent

Great Experience

Let the numbers speak

36% +


The Innovation Beacon

Unearth Portugal’s innovation-driven IT ecosystem that’s making waves in the European tech scene. Portugal isn’t just about picturesque landscapes; it’s a burgeoning hub of IT creativity and ingenuity. Enjoy the benefits of close geographical proximity, combined with an array of IT resources that span from software development to cybersecurity, all backed by a culture of continuous learning and evolution.

Location Matters

Portugal is the perfect beachhead for European expansion. Located at the intersection between Europe and USA, with a compatible time zone, Portugal has been increasing its competitiveness as a nearshore location.

Portugal has become more attractive for technology-based development.  The country now hosts the R&D operations of several high-tech companies and several unicorns. 

Portugal ranks in the 32nd position among 158 countries in the Readiness for Frontier Technologies Index.

Portugal ranks as the ninth most proficient country in

Employed persons with an ICT education, 2021









Lisbon and Porto among with 13 European cities aims to create Europe’s most connected technology hubs

Very high proportion of STEM graduates and engineering talent




Highly skilled talent

IT Project Management

User Interface UI

User Experience UX

Cloud Computing


Software Development

Data Science



Digital Ascendancy

Experience Bulgaria’s rising digital prowess firsthand. As an emerging tech giant in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria boasts a diverse IT landscape ripe with opportunity. Whether you’re looking for software development or IT infrastructure solutions, the cost flexibility paired with high-quality resources makes Bulgaria a prime choice for nearshoring endeavors.

Location Matters

Bulgaria has a long, rich tradition in the ICT and electronics sectors (dating back to the Communist era) and is still known as the Silicon Valley of Southeastern Europe.

Bulgaria is home to approximately 10,000 ICT companies, 70 percent of which are only exporting, making Bulgaria a top ICT outsourcing destination.

After ten years of EU membership software business in Bulgaria is the best performing sector in the ICT industry.

The Silicon Valley of Southeastern Europe

ICT talent pool with over 70 000 full-time employees

Nearly 6 000 new ICT graduates every year.

Bulgaria has a respected, highly-qualified and inexpensive pool of ICT specialists meeting the business needs of this Silicon Valley of Southeast Europe.

Graduates and enrolments In STEM fields









Strategic location


The Tech-Forward Frontier

Explore Tunisia’s rapidly expanding tech-forward landscape. With its strategic location bridging Africa and Europe, Tunisia offers unique timezone flexibility that facilitates round-the-clock operations. Moreover, its commitment to IT diversity ensures a plethora of skilled professionals catering to a wide range of technological needs, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Location Matters

Tunisia boasts a vast pool of talented individuals who also possess exceptional multilingual skills ( French, English, Arabic) 

The time in Tunisia is based on the UTC+1 offset during standard time and UTC+2 offset during daylight saving time, making it an ideal location to avoid delays and gaps due to timezone.

Tunisia has a key geographical position. The country is within 2 hours by Flight of most of the EU, with direct flights to many countries.

With hundreds of European companies, in various fields setting up there, the engineers are accustomed to European clients and culture. 

Ranks #1 in ICT sector of attractiveness




Ranks #1 is labor


Business Unit Manager

Senior Engineer


Ranks #1





Qualified pool of talent with STEM focus

0 %

Highly skilled talent

Software Architecture

Internet of things systems

Network Infrastructure

Electrical engineering

Cloud Computing

Computing, data science

Industrial, Electronics

Electromechanical engineering

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