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The build-operate-transfer (BOT) model brings businesses that embrace it a wide array of opportunities. If your company seeks expertise, minimized risk, and the ability to harness the ready-made results of an experienced team of professionals, the BOT model is a dream solution. And Nearshorefriends is ready to cover the most important aspect of a successful BOT cooperation, namely the expertise. We provide the best build operate transfer solutions that see the best teams working with you.


What advantages does NearshoreFriends bring to the table?


Starting a business or a new entity in a new location is always associated with various risks. BOT services are aimed at minimizing those risks. You will have the right people recruited, the best infrastructure developed, all the legal issues covered, and many other challenges that may arise, resolved. With the right people in the appropriate roles, you can be assured that your operations will be well-established, finely-tuned, and safeguarded against failure.


Build operate transfer outsourcing doesn’t mean that you delegate all the ownership to our team. Instead, you embrace the many benefits of gradual ownership. You will maintain a certain extent of control of your team's integration and implementation. Just let the experts handle some of the most challenging tasks. Later, when you’ve got your team developed to the level you need, you can claim complete ownership over the unit.


We have no hidden costs and value transparency. As a result you will know who and what you are investing in. Our approach also allows you to stay on top of all matters, understand workflows, and pivot when and where needed. We are open to communication and ready to adapt.


We provide you with the best professionals from our vast talent pool from different domains. Our access to an unlimited talent pool means that we will definitely be able to source the best team for you no matter the domain ensuring the success of the Build Operate Transfer model. With that access and the testing our teams go through, you can feel secure about the readiness of the specialists we provide


Regardless of your budget, we ensure that you don’t incur significant financial loss as we work to stay within your financial plan. With us, you can rest assured that your build operate transfer process will be handled with overall vision and cost in mind. Our rates are flexible and we are always ready to discuss options and adapt when needed.


Have all your needs covered, as we can provide you with IT experts, project managers, recruiters, and any other roles you may need for your team. Our build operate transfer service offering covers a wide array of domains and industries as our team excels in technical, business, and cultural aspects of our job.

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When is the right time to consider nearshore development consulting?


We are here to set up and own your processes as long as you need us. Then, we ensure a seamless transfer to you and your team, which lets you focus on your core business in the meanwhile. Gain the freedom you need to strategize, plan further, and beat competition, as we have everything covered operationally in the background.


Our processes are flexible and it lets our clients thrive on the basis of operational freedom. At Nearshorefriends, we make sure our customers stay in charge of the project, being able to implement changes on the go. Our experience and professionalism grants us the capacity to live up to the highest real-time procedural and operational flexibility standards.


The Nearshorefriends team is a reliable build operate transfer partner, as we’ve spent years successfully taking businesses to new geographic and market realms, setting up their operations with a turnkey solution bespoke to them. Our experts harness their professional vision, establishing, operating, and seamlessly transferring you a ready-made business.

Workflow for BOT Model with Nearshorefriends


We assist in establishing a new team which will grow to be a new entity in your desired location. Our comprehensive support includes recruitment of skilled professionals, legal assistance (such as regulatory compliance and contractual obligations), infrastructure setup (from IT systems to physical workspaces), and role allocation to ensure each team member's responsibilities align with your objectives. Our goal is to craft the ideal IT outsourcing team for the Build Operate Transfer model, meticulously tailored to your specifications.


After our team is in place and the venture is established, we provide your team with the necessary support and resources. The "Operate" phase is crucial, ensuring operational efficiency, reliability, consistency, and precision, all of which are vital for the cohesiveness and readiness of the subsequent "Transfer" stage. The goal of this phase is to streamline your team's workflows for efficient operations, paving the way for a seamless transition during the impending takeover.


Once all the preceding stages are finalized, we transition the established team to your oversight. During this phase, we address any lingering issues, resolve outstanding legal concerns, and guarantee that you assume full ownership of both the team and the associated legal entity, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive handover.

Continuous support

The culmination of the Build Operate Transfer software development approach is the 'Transfer' phase. Upon meticulous development and optimization of the solution, we prepare for its transition to your ownership. This stage encompasses detailed documentation, knowledge dissemination, streamlined onboarding, and any additional requisite steps. Consequently, you are provided with a fully-equipped team under your direct supervision.

What advantages does NearshoreFriends bring to the table?


For startups, establishing a dedicated IT team can pose challenges. Leveraging the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model offers a strategic advantage. This approach allows startups to benefit from the expertise of professional teams, thereby ensuring robust outcomes. Furthermore, it provides tangible results and assurances to investors, emphasizing the startup's capability to eventually own and integrate the IT department in-house. This not only mitigates the long-term reliance on outsourced solutions but also underscores the company's commitment to sustainable growth and operational ownership.


Fast-growing SMEs frequently encounter constraints in terms of time and expertise to construct teams aligned with their strategic objectives. Enter the Build Operate Transfer model offered by Nearshorefriends. This approach equips SMEs with a dedicated professional team, allowing them to concentrate on pressing business priorities. Over a defined period, they benefit from a seamless transition, ensuring that all operational challenges are addressed and mitigated.


Research and development enterprises frequently juggle multiple projects concurrently and sometimes venture into domains where their expertise may not be as developed. The Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model presents a strategic solution, affording them access to a proficiently functioning team or entity. This model ensures that infrastructure, recruitment, and legal intricacies are meticulously managed by seasoned professionals, allowing enterprises to remain focused on their core research and development objectives.


Established enterprises can realize their strategic objectives through the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) IT outsourcing model. This approach facilitates the creation and establishment of teams or entities in international locations. Over a defined period, enterprises seamlessly transition to owning a fully-functional entity, strategically positioned for sustained profitability.

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