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Rapidly built and expertly managed, our remote software teams are ready to kickstart your projects within 1 week..

Peak resource team extension model

The peak resource team extension model encompasses a set of practices suited for companies that need to quickly scale up their engineering capacity. If your business strives to overcome resource constraints and accelerate project timelines within a certain period, this extension team model is the right choice. Your remote development team will serve as the backbone of your development needs and provide you with access to diverse skill sets. With the flexibility and scalability of the peak resource team extension model, you can confidently take on ambitious projects and maintain high-quality development standards.

Project team extension model

The peak resource team extension model has a lot of benefits, that’s true. Nonetheless, it may not be operationally compatible with each company’s vision of software development outsourcing. Thus, but for the peak resource team extension model, Nearshore friends offers clients a project-based team extension model, which envisages us taking over the entire project and delivering the result stipulated in the contract. This is a turnkey type of cooperation where our experts deal with your software development project on an end-to-end basis. The time and material pricing model ensures that you pay only for when actual work is done.

Both models offer several key advantages

Improved software development process

We can integrate software developers into your team in a few days. As long as we understand your needs and goals, we can cook up a storm with our seasoned professionals and propel your software development process. With our software team extension services, your business can live up to its full potential.

Top-notch results

Delivering high-quality solutions is one of the central principles of our company. Over the years, we have mastered our commitment to transparency, trust, and innovation. Combining this approach with the broad experience of our teams, we create and maintain solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Solid reliability

We cater to our clients reliability which comes from refined approaches to software development, and embrace a corporate culture that is based on trust and responsibility. We are dedicated to keeping our promises and delivering on our commitments. Nearshorefriends also pays close attention to the cultural compatibility of remote developers and prioritizes soft skills.

Seamless flexibility

With the peak resource team extension model, you have the opportunity to engage remote developers for specific projects or time-bound initiatives. Whether you need to supercharge your short-term endeavor or search for niche skills, this strategy allows you to tailor your team composition according to the challenge ahead.

Why lead a remote development team?

At Nearshore Friends, we empower organizations to find and attract top-notch specialists from all over the globe. Searching for and finding remote software developers today can be challenging, so we offer team extension services to strengthen your core engineering capacity. With our assistance, you can:

Work with top-tier professionals

Tap into the specialized expertise of highly skilled software developers who excel in their craft. With Nearshorefriends, you can reach out for new business opportunities with reputable specialists aboard. We take care of the entire recruitment process, including candidate selection, screening, and onboarding.

Lead a remote development team

Effectively manage and coordinate a distributed team of developers through streamlined communication and tools. Software team extension is an effective instrument if you want to stay in control over your project’s trajectory. Integrating new specialists into your workflow can be a game-changing move for your business.

Avoid HR investment and infrastructure setup

Eliminate the need to hire and manage in-house HR staff and set up infrastructure for remote work, in this way, saving resources. Our software team extension services are designed for companies that are focused specifically on their core competencies and strive to safeguard their productivity.

Focus on main operational objectives

Redirect your attention towards achieving primary business goals while we handle aspects of software development. There is no need to build and maintain long-term commitments associated with large in-house development teams. Team extension services are nimble enough to support your digital transformation. 

Why partner with Nearshorefriends?

Extensive experience

Our expertise is supported by years of fieldwork in the tech industry. Starting from our inception, we have been constantly witnessing and participating in the massive transformations that are brought about by the advancement in data science, cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

Proven record of successful collaborations

We have been uniting tech specialists for companies striving to hone their digital transformation journey for years. Our operations span fintech, e-commerce, content management, gaming, and telecom. Our mindset is centered around accountability and velocity, so we transfuse organizations with agility and innovation.

Proactive experts

Team members at our company embrace professionalism, a client-centric mindset, and continuous learning. That’s why knowledge transfer with our remote developers is effortless – you can gain valuable technology insights and get a bigger picture of your company’s growth. Proactiveness in everything we do is an integral element of the value we deliver to our partners.

Broad techstack

Nearshorefriends experts transfuse their approaches to work with extensive knowledge of major tech trends. We continuously get a pulse of everything that is happening in the industry and beyond in order to offer businesses up-to-date information.

How do we select candidates for your remote development team?


Experience assessment

Our specialists hand-pick candidates from dozens of applications based on their experience and qualifications. We meticulously review their resumes, portfolios, and work history to guarantee they have the necessary skills and expertise. This initial assessment helps us shortlist those who meet our standards and align with your project requirements.


Technical interviews

Shortlisted candidates undergo rigorous technical interviews. Often, our clients assess their technical proficiency, problem-solving abilities, and command of relevant programming languages, frameworks, or tools.


Cultural fit evaluation

In addition to the technical excellence of candidates, we prioritize soft skills and teamwork abilities. That’s why a cultural fit evaluation is vital for our recruitment process. In order to ensure that a person can seamlessly join your company, we take a closer look at several factors, including their communication style and interpersonal skills.


 Reference checks

In some cases, our experts can conduct thorough reference checks. We gather additional information about a candidate's professional track record and skillset. This step allows us to make more informed decisions about the team's future structure.

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