Why It Is Still Worth Hiring Developers in Ukraine in 2024

The IT industry in Ukraine has seen significant growth over the past decade, resulting in a large pool of highly skilled developers. As businesses worldwide outsource their development tasks, Ukrainian developers have emerged as a competitive option combining cost-effectiveness with technical excellence. However, weighing the risks and reasons to hire developers in Ukraine in 2024 for your IT projects is crucial to make an informed decision. Let’s review the main reasons to hire developers in Ukraine, what risks were mitigated by the industry representatives, and learn about the benefits of hiring Ukraine developers to boost your teams’ capacities.State of the Ukraine Software Development Industry in 2024Over the years, software developers in Ukraine were one of the best industry specialists that combined exceptional tech proficiency, solid language proficiency, and concrete work ethics. Yet, due to the full-scale Russian invasion in 2022, the industry has seen a few significant risks to its longevity and exceptional growth. During the last years, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT industry in Ukraine has nearly doubled, both regarding the number of specialists employed and the number of leading companies delivering virtual teams services. For the most part, the escalation of the war between Russia and Ukraine in 2022 has led to a noticeable impact on the entire country, including the software development industry. As a result, the industry focused on ensuring its employees’ safety and well-being, fulfilling its contractual obligations to clients, and assisting the country’s defence. According to the Djinni 2022 Year in Review report, the hires were down by only 13%. Considering the crazy growth rates of the pandemic years and the full-scale war, the results are impressive enough. On the bright side, in 2022 alone, almost 59,000 new candidates registered and activated their job search accounts, which signifies an increased flow of tech talent. While 2022 has delivered many challenges, the following section will represent how the Ukrainian IT market managed to adapt in several ways and still be an appealing contracting destination for global markets.

The Resilience of Software Developers in Ukraine

When reviewing the Ukrainian tech sector in the wartime July edition by Lviv IT Cluster, one can be amazed by how resilient the Ukrainian ecosystem is. The IT sector was the only industry in Ukraine that demonstrated growth in 2022, based on the January-May 2022 data. According to the same data source, 65% of companies have seen an increase in revenue in Q1 2022. The Ministry of Digital Transformation has also launched a range of wartime projects and initiatives, such as the IT Army of Ukraine and the International Legion of the Internet Army. Regarding the operational specifications, clients might wonder how the Ukrainian developers managed to sustain their day-to-day operations due to the 2022 events. For the most part, most leading companies, including the ones offering recruitment and allocation services, have relocated their staff and gone back to the pre-war work pace. Some of the measures taken to ensure the sustainability of business operations include:

  • Acquisition of generators for autonomous work
  • Acquiring Starlink to maintain a stable Internet connection
  • Adapting offices to the new realities
  • Ensuring fuel procurement and related services
  • Ensuring that all delivery and development operations meet obligations

 It’s also worth noting that Ukraine has passed several law regulations allowing for employee reservations subject to military service. In other words, this procedure means that a Ukrainian developer working in a range of qualified companies can be subjected to a reservation regardless of military rank. This approach has again shown that the country can adapt to the new challenges following convenient business regulations. When combining this set of rules with the ongoing rise in new candidates looking for software projects, Ukraine is still one of the best destinations for hiring.  Thanks to the relocation, adapting to the business environment, and sustainable approaches that meet all obligations, developers in Ukraine are worth hiring, regardless of the geopolitical risks.

Main Reasons for Hiring Ukrainian Developers

  • Talent pool

Ukraine boasts a vast and diverse talent pool of developers with various skills and capabilities. With expertise encompassing different programming languages, tools, and frameworks, Ukrainian developers can address the specific needs of your project. Their adaptability and versatility allow them to adjust quickly to the nuances and demands of various industries. 

  • STEM education and language proficiency

Thanks to the country’s strong emphasis on STEM disciplines, software development Ukraine specialists are well-educated, with numerous reputable universities providing high-quality education and training. This focus on education ensures a consistent supply of skilled developers entering the workforce each year. Moreover, their English proficiency simplifies communication and collaboration, as they can effortlessly engage with clients professionally. 

  • Tech competence

Ukrainian developers are proficient in using the latest technologies, programming languages, and development tools to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions. They can quickly scale projects, adapt to changes, and ensure lasting success by staying updated with emerging trends and standards in the technology landscape. 

  • Resilience and sustainability

Ukrainian developers have shown exceptional resilience and adaptability despite geopolitical risks and challenging circumstances, maintaining their commitment to high-quality work in difficult situations. This ability to face adversity and continue providing top-notch services makes hiring Ukrainian developers sustainable for businesses seeking long-term collaboration. 

  • Growing market

Ukraine’s IT industry has experienced substantial growth over the past few years, positioning itself as a reliable destination for outsourcing software development services. With an increasing number of IT companies entering the market, competition drives these firms to continually improve their offerings and expand their skill sets, providing businesses with a broad array of options when seeking Ukrainian developers.

Final Remarks

Ukrainian developers offer an enticing combination of expertise, cost-efficiency, and adaptability, making them an excellent choice for businesses seeking high-quality software development services in 2024. Despite the challenges and risks, the Ukrainian IT industry has consistently proven its resilience and ability to deliver top-tier results driven by a robust STEM education system, exceptional tech proficiency, and alignment with global business cultures. If your organization needs to expand development operations and is ready to hire a virtual team, specialists at NearshoreFriends are here to help. The team delivers an encompassing range of outsourcing consulting and implementation services. Once you’re up for hiring developers in Ukraine, NearshoreFriends will find, recruit, assemble, and manage your top-notch development team.

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