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nearshore Virtual team engagement

Use IT Staff Augmentation to create your Virtual Team

In our virtual team model we source the very best engineers for your augmented team. IT staff Augmentation is the best way to ensure that you can scale and grow as needed, while still maintaining control over your processes and team output. A large part of our services, see us at nearshorefriends acting as an IT staff augmentation company allowing our clients to

  • Scale their development teams:

    Our IT staff augmentation model ensures that our clients can expand their development capabilities in a matter of weeks.We do not set a minimum of maximum when it comes to the amount of team members you can add to each augmented team.
  • Maintain control over processes:

    using IT staff augmentation services implies that the client will work directly with the engineers on their team. This means that you understand who is on your team and who will be responsible for what happens in your augmented team. As an IT staff augmentation company, we do not get in the way of any of your processes. We are here to assist in ensuring communication is smooth and allow you to focus on working with your augmented team.
  • Streamline and stabilize budgets:

    Cost consistency is important. With our model we have a straightforward approach to pricing which allows you to have a base daily rate for your augmented team. With this approach, you'll be able to get the very best out of the process, and will never have to worry about hidden fees or last minute changes to invoices.

Keys to the IT staff augmentation model


Augmented teams are a big investment. Not only financially, but in terms of time committed to the team's development as well. Our HR team takes care of all of the retention matters that will keep your Augmented team happy.This way all you have to worry about is the work itself.


The engineers added to your remote development team as part of our IT staff augmentation services are fully dedicated to you and your development work for the amount of time you require their assistance. They are expected to work, full time 40 hours per week. Your team will not work with or on any other projects and are thus focused on your needs.


we believe that when it comes to IT staff Augmentation, its better to be quick, but never hurry. Building an augmented team will take time, but with our approach we can ensure that you have an augmented team up and running in 4-6 weeks. As long as you work with us and are responsive and open with requirements, we can make sure you have the benefits of IT staff augmentation services sooner rather than later.


We want to make sure that our process is as smooth as possible and will allow you to create your augmented team with us as easily as possible. In order to make that possible we will need your involvement in the process so that you know exactly who will be a part of your augmented team. Creating an IT staff augmentation team can be tricky, our process makes this simpler for all involved.

1 Identify your goals
2 Define your needs
3 Determine team setup
4 Create a candidate profile
5 Screen the labor market
6 Interview in line with your current processes
7 Make a desicion/offer
8 Start working with your team

Your software development team

Why Nearshorefriends’ Virtual team model?

  • German/ US international management team
  • Agile nearshore coach in Germany
  • More than 20 years of experience in nearshoring of software development


  • Team individually tailored to client requirements
  • Team ready within 4-6 weeks
  • Long-term partnership
  • Transparent business model
  • Scalable and flexible solutions.