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27 November 2023



The Rising Market Software Development Companies in Egypt

Overview of the Egyptian Software Development Market

Let’s start with a general overview of the Egyptian IT industry. The country’s IT industry is currently growing at a compound annual rate of 10.90%. This number is already impressive, but there is an opinion that this rate will grow shortly. As there are more and more software development companies in Egypt, foreign investment in the country’s IT sector will grow. Another important factor contributing to this development is strong governmental attention to the development of IT services. In this regard, it is important to mention Egypt’s Vision 2030, a governmental development strategy. Some of its primary goals include strengthening the country’s ICT infrastructure, promoting digital inclusion, and supporting innovation. 


Some critical measures taken for the achievement of these goals include the development of STEM education. Besides, local authorities offer very attractive incentives and support to foreign investors from the IT industry. Security and anti-corruption measures are priorities for the Egyptian authorities. Finally, this country has a tech-savvy population aimed at embracing advanced IT technologies, such as AI, IoT, cybersecurity, blockchain, and many more. As per recent estimations, Egypt already has 281,000 skilled IT specialists. These numbers are also rapidly growing due to the country’s thriving software development startup ecosystem. With a variety of startup incubators and foreign investment, Egyptian startups appear with a very impressive frequency. 

Advantages of Custom Software Development Egypt

Egypt is very attractive in terms of software development. Both opening a digitized startup and searching for an IT outsourcing partner in this country will be viable options. Let’s outline the main advantages of software development outsourcing to this African country. All these benefits are derived from many hundreds successful software development projects involving Egyptian teams. Here is the list of the main selling points of software development in Egypt


Cost saving is a notable benefit of outsourcing custom software development to Egypt. Software developer salary in Egypt is rather moderate, especially in comparison to the salaries in Western Europe and the U.S. Besides, the operational cost of delegating software development services to Europe is rather moderate. Finally, governmental incentives help foreign businesses set up development centers in Egypt in the most cost-efficient way possible. All these factors make Egypt a very lucrative destination for businesses looking to reduce their operating cost. 

Excellent service quality

Egyptian developers show excellent levels of expertise and technical adaptability to emerging challenges. The country’s strong system of education helps many thousands of Egyptians become skilled specialists in various technologies. Specialists from the domain of software development in Egypt are dedicated to showing excellent service quality. That’s why businesses that outsource software development to Egypt can rest assured that the outcome of their project will be favorable. 

Time zone compatibility

Egypt’s time zone is favorable for businesses in Europe and the Middle East. This overlap enhances real-time communication and collaboration between clients and development teams. European and Middle Eastern businesses should not develop a shared calendar adapted to the needs of both parties. Besides, business owners can visit the best software development companies in Egypt in person without facing problems with jet lag. These factors contribute to open and transparent collaboration between foreign investors and Egyptian IT teams. 

Multilingual communication

The ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages, particularly English and French, makes Egyptian development teams perfect partners to international companies. Language barriers are less of an issue, resulting in clear and efficient communication. Besides, Egyptians are culturally flexible. As a country with a long history of engaging with foreign markets and cultures, Egypt has a culturally aware and adaptable population. These specialists are fully dedicated to productive collaboration and understanding of project requirements. 

Access to innovation

Egypt is home to many startups, and such a boom fosters innovation. The country’s specialists are focused on leveraging AI, blockchain, and many other next-generation technologies. Moreover, they are aimed at building completely innovative solutions with the aforementioned technologies. That’s why cooperation with Egyptian companies means an excellent focus on innovation. The key point is to focus on the most progressive software development teams while searching for amazing software development service in Egypt. With the right choice, you will receive a fresh and ingenious look at well-known software technologies. 


Egypt is an emerging hub in the domain of software development. Competitive software developer salary Egypt, a thriving startup ecosystem, and access to innovation make Egypt an excellent destination for software development. Besides, local authorities are very favorable to foreign investment and IT outsourcing initiatives. However, if you want to embrace the real potential of the Egyptian software development market, you should rely on a reliable partner. It goes about a company capable of navigating across the Egyptian IT landscape. Nearshorefriends is ready to become such a team for you. We are renowned experts in software development offshoring and nearshoring. Our dedicated team of specialists will help you find the best software development companies in Egypt. As a result, you will harness the ultimate potential of this country and its thriving IT market.

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