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16 December 2022



Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies

Each company has limited resources. Yet, it should be open to you in terms of projects you can handle. That is why staff augmentation exists. However, there is a problem. In the world of staff augmentation, hundreds and even thousands of IT staff augmentation companies are offering their services. Finding the right one among such a number of candidates can be a daunting task.

Keeping that in mind, we did the heavy lifting for you and found the top 10 staff augmentation companies on the market. They come in different shapes, sizes, price ranges, and geographic locations. Let’s explore these and find the one that can potentially meet your needs.

Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Providers

The best IT staff augmentation providers on the list were selected based on different criteria. First and foremost, it was the company’s size. Second, it was about location. Third, the factor of hourly rates was taken into account. Finally, we looked at the range of services the firm offered and the minimum project size. These allowed us to determine the candidates appearing on the list below.

1. e-Core

e-Core is a company founded in 1999. It focuses on IT staff augmentation, as well as services linked to quality assurance and web development. e-Core has headquarters in New York and offices in the United States and Brazil. This staff augmentation firm fits the description of the SME having up to 1,000 employees and handling projects starting from $50,000. On average, e-Core charges up to $50/h for its services. The company operates in the insurance, healthcare, and finance industries.

2. Nearshore Friends

Nearshore Friends is one of the top staff augmentation companies in Europe. Founded in 2016 in Germany, it established a great reputation and increased brand awareness. The company has its headquarters in Munich, yet it has a global management team from Germany, Portugal, and Bulgaria. What is more, the business has a development center all across the globe and is ready to provide top-grade oustaffing services in various countries. Nearshore Friends is a company of about 80 employees with expertise in virtual teams, nearshore consulting, peak resources and staff augmentation services. With this firm, your team extension process will be in good hands.

3. Synergo Group

Synergo Group is an IT staff augmentation company that services different nations. It is truly an international firm. Founded in 2005 in Canada, the business spread across North America, South America, and Western Europe. One of the company’s notable features is the variety of industries it covers and the services it offers. Along with staff augmentation, Synergo Group delivers projects linked to Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), and web development. The firm takes on projects starting from $5,000 and charges, on average, $75/h.

4. Avenga

Avenga is a young yet rapidly developing software development and staff augmentation company. While founded in 2019, the firm has a staff of more than 4,000 employees operating in the United States, Poland, Germany, Malaysia, and Ukraine. Regarding the listing of Avenga’s clients, there are some notable names like Volvo, Mazda, OLO, and Postbank. In addition, Avenga brings forward outstaffing, Big Data, cloud, and Salesforce solutions. With the company, the projects start from $10,000, with an average hourly rate of $75/h.

5. IT Force

IT Force is a seasoned Irish IT staff augmentation provider. While working primarily in the local European market, this company was founded in 1999 and, since then, has managed to get numerous awards. With a staff of 30 people, the IT Force heavily emphasized IT infrastructure management and outstaffing. The company works with startups and SMEs. That is why IT Force takes on projects starting from $1,000. However, to tap into what the company offers, you need to pay a hefty price of about $120/h. As a result, this is a good option to extend your virtual team.

6. Five Pack Creative

Five Pack Creative is a U.S.-based IT staff augmentation company. Founded in 2008, the firm offers its services all across North America. The key focus of the business makes on developing custom mobile apps along with outstaffing. With more than a hundred successful projects under its belt, Five Pack Creative manages to build high-quality products and offer skilled experts. About 200 employees are working in the firm. It takes on projects starting from $25,000 and charges, on average, $120/h.

7. Emergent Software

Emergent Software is another U.S.-based staff augmentation provider. The company has a Microsoft Development Partner certificate, which means it can offer top-notch QA (quality assurance), software development, and outsourcing services. There are about highly skilled employees working in the firm. Emergent Software works with projects starting from $50,000 and charges $175/h on average. While it appears to be a costly solution, for the money paid, you get the highest staff augmentation services on the market for the money spent.

8. Innovative Discovery

Innovative Discovery is a staff augmentation firm with 15+ years of experience in outstaffing, app management, and custom software development. The company works with government agencies and corporations, offering top-notch IT consulting services. With its distinguished achievements, Innovative Discovery received a Microsoft Silver ISV Partner status, which speaks volumes about its consulting capabilities. The company works with projects starting from $10,000 and charges about $175/h.

9. Def Method

Def Method is a different staff augmentation company with a unique Agile development approach. Its been on the market since 2014 and have already managed to complete 100+ projects connected to custom software development and oustaffing. Def Method works with projects starting from $5,000 and charges $150/h on average. The firm is open to working with virtual teams and ensuring the advantages the phenomenon brings.

10. Echobind

Echobind is the last company in our top 10 IT staff augmentation firms list.  This is a U.S.-based business with about 50 employees on board. Echobind works with mobile app development and is known for its highly skilled developers who can extend any team on any given software project. The company works with projects starting from $25,000 and charges up to $200/h.

The Bottom Line

The top 10 IT staff augmentation companies mentioned above have a well-established reputation and are proven to be the best in what they do. These firms come in different price ranges and sizes. However, there is a direct correlation between cost and quality of services. You need to look through the list and find the staff augmentation agency that provides the most balanced price-to-quality ratio.

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