How to Scale Your Project Easily with the Help of Egyptian Developers

Why Egypt can be a perfect choice for businesses seeking to outsource skilled developers? Well, first, it is a promising location with a bright tech future. The ICT sector is one of Egypt’s fastest-growing economic contributors. Second, more than 500,000 students graduate each year from the country’s 35 universities and 100 technical institutes, with about half of these graduates pursuing studies in an area connected to business process outsourcing. This means that the impressive talent pool consists of thousands of talented developers and architects proficient in various technologies. Lastly, the country is well-known for its affordable prices. All things combined, this location should be considered if you want to assemble a team of talented professionals without the hustle and bustle of hiring an in-house team. Keep reading to learn more about Egyptian software development in 2023. 

Facts about Egyptian Developers You Absolutely Need to Know

  • According to the Global Innovation Index, Egypt ranks 96th out of 131 economies examined, and 14th out of 29 lower middle-income economies. According to the survey, Egypt excels in knowledge and technological advancements.
  • According to the resource, there are over 500,000 Egyptian graduates each year, with over half of them having a degree in IT or BPO, meaning that the country has a substantial pool of educated experts who are contributing to the development of the country’s tech sector. 
  • Egypt has seen a rise in tech startups in recent years. Cities like Cairo have developed vibrant startup ecosystems, with incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces supporting local entrepreneurs and developers in bringing their ideas to life.
  • Egypt hosts various tech meetups, conferences, and hackathons, bringing together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to network, share knowledge, and collaborate on innovative projects.
  • Egyptian developers actively contribute to open-source projects. Their contributions can be found across various platforms, including GitHub, where they collaborate with developers from around the world.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development to Egypt

Here is a list of reasons why software development services in Egypt are an amazing choice for companies of various sizes and ideas.  


Outsourcing software development to Egypt can provide significant cost savings without compromising on quality. The relatively lower cost of living and wages in Egypt compared to Western countries makes it an attractive option for cost-conscious businesses. On average, a developer in Egypt makes about $906, but these numbers may vary significantly based on the technology, the developer’s experience, the city, etc.  

Skilled Workforce

Egypt has a pool of skilled software developers who are proficient in a wide range of technologies and programming languages. The country’s strong educational institutions produce talent with expertise in various areas of software development. 

English Proficiency

Many Egyptian developers have a strong command of the English language, which is crucial for effective communication and collaboration with international clients. This reduces language barriers and ensures smooth project management. 

Cultural Compatibility

Egypt’s cultural affinity with Western countries can make communication and understanding between outsourcing teams and clients more seamless. Shared cultural references and similar work ethics contribute to better collaboration. 

Time Zone Advantage

Egypt’s time zone (GMT+2) aligns well with European time zones, allowing for overlapping working hours and real-time communication. This minimizes delays and facilitates timely updates and discussions. 

Government Support

The Egyptian government has taken steps to encourage the growth of the IT sector, offering incentives and support for foreign investors and companies outsourcing their software development projects to the country. 

Tech Hubs and Infrastructure

Egypt has developed technology parks and innovation centers, particularly in cities like Cairo and Alexandria. These hubs offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and networking opportunities for tech companies. 

Growing Startup Ecosystem

Egypt’s burgeoning startup ecosystem is fostering innovation and collaboration among young developers and entrepreneurs. Outsourcing to Egypt can tap into this vibrant community of tech enthusiasts and creative thinkers. 

Quality of Work

Egyptian developers are known for their attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality software solutions. This dedication to excellence ensures that outsourced projects meet or exceed client expectations. 

Diverse Skill Set

Egyptian developers possess a diverse range of skills, spanning from web and mobile development to AI, machine learning, and data science. This versatility allows them to tackle complex and varied projects. 

Intellectual Property Protection

Egypt has established legal frameworks to protect intellectual property rights. Outsourcing to Egypt assures that your proprietary software and innovations are safeguarded. 

Flexible Engagement Models

Egyptian outsourcing companies offer flexible engagement models, allowing clients to choose between project-based, dedicated teams, or time and material arrangements based on their specific project needs. 

Experience with Global Clients

Egyptian outsourcing firms have worked with international clients across different industries, gaining valuable experience in understanding diverse business requirements and delivering customized solutions. 

Stable Political Environment

Egypt has a relatively stable political environment, which contributes to a conducive atmosphere for business operations and continuity in outsourced projects. Read also: ​​Software Team Nearshoring: Expand your Development Team Fast 

Geographical Proximity

For European and Middle Eastern clients, Egypt’s geographical proximity makes it convenient for travel, facilitating face-to-face meetings and relationship-building. By considering these unique benefits of outsourcing software development to Egypt, businesses can make informed decisions to leverage the country’s growing tech industry and skilled workforce for their software projects. Of course, factors like the average rate, skill sets and English proficiency may vary, yet on average, Egyptian developers can still help you assemble a team of dedicated and passionate tech experts.  

Egyptian Software Development: Wrapping Up

Finally, the multiple benefits offered by Egyptian developers make them a tempting alternative for businesses looking for efficient and cost-effective software development solutions. Egypt provides a harmonious blend of talent and collaboration, with a professional workforce possessing expertise in numerous technologies, a great grasp of the English language, and cultural affinity with Western countries. The country’s strategic time zone alignment, government backing for the IT sector, and thriving startup ecosystem add to its allure. Egyptian developers stand out as a valuable resource for businesses looking to achieve their software development goals while benefiting from a dynamic and growing tech landscape, with a commitment to quality, intellectual property protection, and a track record of successful engagements with global clients. Contact Nearshore Friends to learn more about how you can assemble a software development team. 

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