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20 October 2023



Reasons to Choose Technical Business Consulting Services in 2023

Technical business consulting service is a must for those who need to better understand how to utilize technology in their favor. And, since a modern business that wants to step up its game needs to utilize technology within most or all its operations, tech consulting is on the rise. The US IT consulting market expanded by more than 30% between 2011 and 2019 alone. But why? Technical services consultants provide businesses with strategic guidance and help identify areas where resource allocation can lead to significant cost reductions. Below, we will discuss in greater depth why technology consulting is no longer an option in 2023, and help you understand how to choose your ultimate consulting company and ensure a fruitful cooperation.

Benefits of Technical Business Consulting

Essentially, having a trusted, and, what’s even more important, experienced consulting partner will bring your business a multitude of advantages. You’ll understand what resources to use to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs, leading to a stronger position in the market. Below is a more detailed list of benefits:


  • Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization. Consultants optimize resource allocation, reducing operational costs and improving profitability while ensuring efficient problem-solving.


  • Strategic Alignment and Expertise. With specialized knowledge, consultants align technology investments with business goals, fostering competitive differentiation and enhancing customer experiences.


  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance. Consultants address cybersecurity, compliance, and technology adoption challenges, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring legal adherence.


  • Access to Resources and Best Practices. Consultants provide access to industry contacts, innovative tools, and best practices, fortifying decision-making and driving operational excellence.


  • Scalability and Seamless Integration. Offering scalability, consultants tailor solutions to evolving needs while ensuring the seamless integration of technology into existing systems.


  • Competitive Edge and Customer Satisfaction. Consultants drive competitive advantages, improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and measurable results with defined key performance indicators.


  • Agility and Change Management. By guiding organizations through change, consultants promote agility, enabling businesses to stay responsive to market dynamics and achieve strategic success.


The list of advantages is not limited, the benefits you’ll get will depend on your initial request, company size and industry, and other related factors. 


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Emerging Trends in 2023

The trends in technical business consulting change along with how firms operate. Technology developments and shifting market dynamics are influencing a number of notable trends that will shape the business in 2023. 


Higher Observability of IT

Technical consultants are leveraging advanced tools and platforms to enhance the observability of IT systems. They employ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions like AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor to gain real-time insights into server performance, network traffic, and application behavior. For example, a retail e-commerce platform can use IaaS-based observability to detect and address performance bottlenecks during peak shopping seasons.


Increased Digital Transformation

Businesses are accelerating their digital transformation efforts, adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Salesforce and Microsoft 365 to streamline operations. Technical consultants help integrate these cloud-based SaaS solutions with existing on-premises systems, ensuring a seamless flow of data and processes. For instance, a financial institution might use SaaS tools to improve customer relationship management while maintaining data security.


Sector-Specific Cloud Platforms

Consultants are customizing Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings such as Google Cloud’s Healthcare API or AWS IoT Core for industry-specific use cases. These sector-specific cloud platforms enable businesses to harness the power of the cloud while adhering to regulatory requirements. A healthcare organization can use PaaS to build secure, compliant applications for telehealth services.


Integrated Customer Experience

Technical consultants employ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Salesforce and HubSpot to integrate customer data across various channels. This enables businesses to provide a seamless, personalized customer experience. Consider a global e-commerce company using CRM integration to track customer interactions and preferences, offering tailored product recommendations and support.


AI Security

With the rise of AI-driven applications, security concerns are paramount. Consultants are implementing AI-powered security solutions, such as AI-driven threat detection systems, to protect against cyber threats. A financial institution might utilize AI-driven security to detect fraudulent transactions in real time, safeguarding customer assets and trust.


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Choosing the Right Consulting Firm

The best technical consulting company must be chosen with care. Start by outlining your needs and goals for your business. Examine possible businesses’ internet presence and conduct research on them, including asking for referrals. Examine their knowledge and experience, looking for a track record of success in resolving issues similar to yours. Check their understanding of the industry to make sure they are familiar with your particular business. Examine the services they provide and find out about their operating procedures. To hear from former clients’ insights, call the references listed. Budget restrictions and pricing policies should be taken into account, and they should match expected returns. Check for communication and working style compatibility. Analyze resource availability, legal implications, and scalability. Analyze your problem-solving abilities and strive for reporting openness. Finally, pick a consulting company that gives you confidence and supports your objectives.

Wrapping Up

Technical business consulting services have become paramount to ensure the scalability of your business. Once you understand the value it will bring to your company’s processes, you’ll need to dedicate resources to choosing a reliable partner. Pay attention to the firm’s portfolio, as this is one of the primary factors that will help you make an informed decision. NearshoreFriends is an IT Nearshoring and Offshoring service with 7+ years of experience working with international companies. Our Software Development Consulting service is a perfect choice for you if you’re interested in strategic advantage in MVP or POC, cost optimization, and more. No matter what’s your request, our experts will provide you with guidance and answer all your questions. 


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