Value driven Nearshore quality.

We find, recruit, assemble, and manage your high-quality Development Team.

We enable our customers to achieve rapid upscale of high-class development with little financial risk and high flexibility. Hence their products can be delivered on time and quality.

Working successfully with our customers we perfectly understand their challenges.

We listen. We speak the same language. We tell it like it is.

With empathy and service-mentality we integrate cultural differences.


Headquarters in Stuttgart

Development center in Kiev and Kattowice 

Agile Consulting in Germany, Ukraine and Poland

120 IT-experts in the nearshorefriends group

German management team lives in Kiev

Transparent billing model

About us:

  1. Who are we?

    We are a German, owner-managed service company that offers IT nearshoring services.

  2. What are we doing?

    We find, recruit, assemble, and manage your high-quality Development Team.

  3. Why are we doing this?

    We want to help you achieve your goals by giving you access to talent you can't find in your home markets.

  1. How do we do that?

    We listen to you and understand your goals: Together with you we build up a complete software development team for you. Apply: Service mentality, solution orientation, team spirit and people first.

  2. What are our values?

    The most important: transparency, respect, tolerance, honesty and fairness in dealing with each other.

  3. How does this manifest itself in daily actions?

    Try it and measure us by our standards.

Management Team

Andreas Ganswindt

Founder and Managing Director

Gerald Geis

Managing Director

Alexander Sickert

Agile Coach

Johannes Krüger

Director of Operations

Nearshore Friends
Motorstraße 4,
DE-70499 Stuttgart

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