Nearshore Consulting

What is important in nearshoring?

We believe that it depends on the right coach at your side.

If you decide to establish a software development team, you want your new team members to become productive as quickly as possible.

This is exactly where our local coach for nearshoring and agile consulting comes in.

The agile coach secures your nearshore investment for the long term.

What is Nearshore Consulting? 

Many companies have no experience with nearshoring. As described in our blog article   "Ready for Nearshore? The Nearshore Readiness Test",  nearshoring is only successful if certain core criteria are met. With our nearshore consulting we accompany and advise clients who lack the nearshore experience in order to obtain the necessary knowledge and to ensure success in nearshoring. 

How does it work?

  1. Workshop

    Usually we start with a workshop, so that we get to know each other and understand your requirements exactly.

  2. Planning

    Together with you, we draw up a timetable for implementation. We ensure that the ongoing development work is not impaired.

  3. Tools

    Sometimes the central agile development processes have to be adapted and the right tools have to be selected.

  4. Full integration

    We accompany you step by step. As soon as your nearshore team is well integrated, we withdraw and accompany you selectively.

  5. Support

    Our aim is to make us "superfluous". Alternatively, we can provide you with a permanent project manager.

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