Globally Distributed Teams

In a Globally Distributed Team, we work with you to put together an individual team of IT specialists.

The IT specialists work from their home office within a time zone of +/- 2 hours.

This model of cooperation has many advantages:

  • Access to an (almost) unlimited talent pool
  • very good price/performance ratio
  • Scalability "up and down”
  • Quick ramp und period
  • One invoice

On the other hand, there are some challenges:

  • Effective team management
  • The right tools and processes
  • Good communication
  • Effective "Controlling”
  • Rituals

How it works:

  1. First we get to know your company and your concrete requirements for your development project

  2. We decide together whether a globally distributed team is appropriate

  3. We find suitable candidates and introduce them to you

  4. We accompany and advise you to successfully lead a globally distributed team.

  5. This also applies to the selection of the right software tools

  6. If desired, we take over the management of the team

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