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You're on fire. Short-term project support helps!

I'm sure you're familiar with the following situation. An IT specialist is still missing for your project, who is perfectly versed in a certain specialist area or technology. How are you going to find him fast?

Portals like Upwork or Freelance have a large offer, but the research is extremely complex. Let's do the work: We will find suitable candidates within 48 hours.

Why should you be partnering with us? 

  • Our IT recruiters have many years of experience and are connected worldwide.
  • Since we successfully implement software development projects ourselves, we know what is important to you.
  • We have a large pool of well-trained, available software developers.
  • We cover the complete range of all technologies.
  • Our commission is fair and reasonable.

How we proceed

  1. Profile of requirements

    Who are you looking for and for which project? What are the qualification requirements?

  2. Candidate search

    Our IT recruiters find suitable candidates. We make a preselection based on your specifications.

  3. Decision

    You get to know the candidates. In the end, you decide whether the "chemistry" is right and everything fits.

  4. Project start

    The developer becomes part of your development team and starts working.

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