Headquarters in Stuttgart

Development center in Kiev and Kattowice 

Agile Consulting in Germany, Ukraine and Poland

120 IT-experts in the nearshorefriends group

German management team lives in Kiev

Transparent billing model


We are a German, owner-managed company with more than 20 years Nearshore experience.

With quality first, we help our customers to become more valuable, to execute their product vision and gain a competitive edge, by finding the right IT-experts for their team and bridging cultural gaps.

Our services

We find, assemble and manage your high-quality IT – Development Team.

Virtual Team

We put together individual software development teams based on your requirements.

Globally Distributed Teams

Put together an individual team of IT specialists.

Nearshore Consulting

The agile coach secures your nearshore investment for the long term.

Peak Resources

We will find suitable candidates within 48 hours.


Worldwide recruitment of developers and IT experts


Nearshore Friends
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